Vertical Body Shape

For the longest time, we have been able to categorise our horizontal body type with Apple, Pear, Ruler and Hourglass being the most popular categories. More recently, vertical body types has come to our attention.

The vertical body shape compares the top half of your body to the bottom half.

For those of you that don’t know, there are three vertical body shapes, these are:

  • Balanced Body

  • Short Torso & Long Legs

  • Long Torso & Short Legs (that’s us!)

I am not going to labour on about the other two body types in this post, but I will put a page up showing you how to find out whether you can join the Short Legs & Long Torso club!


 Some characteristics of this body type are:

  • Your torso is long (or at least longer than your legs)

  • Usually a low waist will be lower than your bent elbow.

  • Your legs are likely to be on the stubby side

  • Weight tends to form on your thighs and bottom

Some of the things that I personally noticed that made me think about finding our more about my vertical body shape were: that I found that when I was sitting next to people that were taller than me, my sitting height my be taller than them (which I was always confused by) and also, when I wore loose baggy dresses, my legs would look so tiny – not the leggy lady than society said I should be.

Some examples of famous people that have this body shape are:

Rachel Bilson |  Mischa Barton | Alessandra Ambrosio |  Nicole Scherzinger | Olivia Wilde  Bar Rafaeli | Jessica Alba | Paris Hilton

Understanding your vertical body shape can make a massive difference in the way you dress and which outfits work well on your shape.

Comment below and let me know how you found out about your vertical body shape and how you feel about it.

With love,

Me & My Petite Pins